Handmade Moroccan Style Golden Brass Lantern

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Bring a little bit of the nomadic lifestyle into your life with these free-standing glass lantern.

These lantern is assembled by hand by skilled moroccan artisans who often pass on their skills from generation to generation. It comes in clear glass panels that showcase a candles dancing glow,
for a total look of elegant and romance.

Whether in the living room, bedroom or in the garden, it Can be hung inside or outside, This oriental lantern looks good everywhere.
Candle light effects give out a warm feeling at night, this Moroccan lantern design create an authentic Moroccan atmosphere and transforms your room into a room of Arabian Nights.

This product is handmade so the exact colour, dimension and finish will vary.


Recomendations :

The lanterns are to be used with flame-less candles or LED bulbs . Candles and LED bulbs are not included.

Additional information

Dimensions (cm)

Large: 50H * 18L * 18W
Medium: 40H * 14L * 14W
Small: 35H * 12L * 12W

Main material

Brass & Glass

Made In